These bright printables will help you organize your summer days.

YEAH!! Summer is here. 

I'm going to try really hard to keep my kids from fighting all summer long. In order to accomplish this lofty goal, I needed a plan! 

First I selected a theme for each day of the week. 
Make it Monday, Theatre Tuesday, Wet Wednesday, Park Tour Thursday and Fun Friday.
I had my boys help me choose the things they'd like to do this summer. I filled up the days with their ideas. Then I listed on the top of our calendar what chores they needed to do before we could do the "fun" stuff. I'm hoping to keep a good morning routine going... even if it only lasts three weeks, I'd be really excited!

I also came up with a list of activities the boys can choose from when they get "bored".

Another focus this summer... I LOVE having my boys' friends over to play. We usually have 5 to 8 boys playing at our house at any given time. I've decided to keep a few hours of the day "family time"—lunch and dinner. So, when it's just family time , we'll put this Sorry we can't play sign on the front door. 

Don't you love how colorful it is? I wanted the kids to be able to spot it from down the street so they don't have to make the journey ALL the way up the steps, only to learn my kids can't play. This also prevents mom from being the "bad guy" who always says no!

There are two versions of the door sign you can make. You can print the sign on cardstock and cut out the circle and diagonal line, or you can mount it onto chipboard (old cereal box) and embellish with ribbon. I personally LOVE my hair bow-inspired door sign! A little much, but as a mom of only boys, I need to use ribbon on something! 

This FREE PDF includes:
• Sorry we can't play door sign
• Summertime fill-in chart
• I'm Bored fill-in chart. You can use a pen or Sharpie® to fill in your own activities.

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If you'd like more printables to help you create your summer schedule, these premium printables are available. 

This PDF includes:
• Personalized name tags 
• Media tickets
• Chore tickets
• Random act of kindness tickets

What are Media Tickets?
I'm going to use the media tickets to get a handle on the time my boys spend on electronics. My boys would play tablets, DS, wii and watch TV all day long if I'd let them! At the beginning of the week, each boy will get an allotment of Media Tickets. In order to use electronics, they have to use a ticket. I'm also going to reward positive behavior with Media Bonus Tickets.

What are chore tickets?
In additional to their daily chores, the boys may "earn" a Chore Ticket by breaking rules. Before the boys can have friends over or attend a summer activity, they must work-off their Chore Tickets. 

What are Happy Day tickets?
The Happy Day tickets will be used as we perform random acts of kindness. My goal is to try and teach my boys the joy of service. Each day when we leave the house, we'll keep a few RAK Tickets on hand. When we see something or someone that needs service, we can leave a ticket with them. Small things like picking-up trash, returning someone's shopping cart at the store, leaving change in a vending machine for the next person, paying for the person behind you at the drive-through (give the cashier the ticket and then the person who has their meal paid for gets the ticket instead of a receipt!)... There are great websites that list ideas for RAK. Here is one:

There are many different ways to use these tickets, feel free to adapt them to your family's needs. 

How to create these clipboards:
I started with a basic clipboard I got at Wal Mart®. Then I cut a 12x12 pieces of scrapbook paper to fit around the clip. It's not perfect... so yours doesn't have to be either! I used Mod Podge® to glue the paper to the clipboard. Mine has wrinkles in the paper... I say wrinkles are fine unless it's a wedding gift for Martha Stewart!

How to make pockets for the tickets:
With 3 envelopes, I created 5 pockets.
The name labels will fit on an invitation size envelope. First, I taped the back of the envelope closed and then cut the tip off, creating a little pocket that measures 4.5" x 3" {be sure to save the top of the envelope to create a pocket for your tickets}.

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